Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Is Teaching a Good Career Choice ?

Teaching can be a wonderful career. However, the public perception of teaching may not match the reality of the job. In fact, teaching has a high rate of attrition, or teachers leaving education for other careers. However, teaching can also be very rewarding. It is important that future teachers know exactly what a teaching position entails. That information will help those trying to decide if a teaching career is for them.

Knowledge and Skill Requirements for Teachers

Teachers have to be masters of the content they teach. That may entail continuing education. In fact, the No Child Left Behind law requires that all teachers be highly qualified in the content areas they teach. Very specific criteria are used to determine if a potential teacher meets the standard for being highly qualified.
All teachers should also be knowledgeable of learning theory and teaching techniques. Students do not all learn in the same way and some students will require a teacher to try multiple methods of teaching in order to achieve mastery. Knowledge of how student disabilities may impact their learning is also essential.

Teacher Personality Traits

Teaching can be very personally fulfilling. However, it takes a lot of patience, energy, and creativity. Teachers must embrace working with all student populations. Even if one does not plan on being a special education teacher, all teachers teach students with special needs in general education classes. Being able to multitask and accommodate different learning needs is essential.
Teachers must always be kind and never condescending or sarcastic. A teacher’s job is to be nurturing and be a mentor. They must always model appropriate behavior for students. There are also lines that have to be drawn. Teachers should understand the difference between being supportive and friendly as opposed to trying to be a student’s friend.

Is Teaching the Right Career Choice?

If you are dedicated, organized, patient, creative and qualified, teaching may be a good choice to make. Teaching jobs can be personally fulfilling, as well as stable. It can also provide a good future with benefits. Investigate the requirements for succeeding as a teacher and decide if teaching is the right choice in careers.

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