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Teacher Training in India is being given a lot of importance in recent years. India is one of the highly populated countries in the world. Thus, the demand for teachers particularly at the pre- schools and the primary levels are pretty high. India has a large number of public and private schools. Moreover, there are private pre-schools mushrooming in this country at a rapid pace. Hence the demand for qualified Montessori or Kindergarten teachers is quite high.

This course is designed according to the requirement of modern child oriented education. It gives complete knowledge about the students & the education system. This course provides knowledge about society, environment science, physical education, primary health, child psychology, child care, health & nutrition. It helps in making up a good teacher through the various theoretical as well as practical approaches, it also includes with the organization & administration of the school and gives the opportunity to run own institute or to serve as a teacher in any other school.
Thus, the teacher training should not be seen merely in terms of creating positive attitude towards work and general increase in the skill base, among the students, but also as a strategy for giving a full package of competence, required for getting wages and self employment to meet the man power need of various sectors.
We provide a comprehensive curriculum to train an Early Childhood Professional. The students are exposed to the best practices in the field and trained through experiential learning under the expert guidance of professionals.

Nursery Teachers Training Diploma Programmes aim to make you a trained professional specializing in the area of educating and dealing with preschool children. Through Nursery Teacher Training Courses, we help the trainees to master the skills necessary to create a secure, warm and stimulating environment for preschool.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


Education is one of the basic human needs. One cannot imagine modern societies without a proper education
system. Education brings for one his identity and raises their status in the society. It is the only means or more precisely, is the only tool which helps in earning money and leading the standard of the life. Only through higher educational attainments one can be able to grab some quite lucrative jobs and fulfill his obligations.
In present scenario proper education system is needed like never before. To meet the demand, several private institutions and educational set ups have been sprung out with an assurance of high quality education to one and for all. This automatically raises the need for excellent faculty members who can deliver quality education to students. In fact, today, being a teacher and associate with an educational set up is one of the brightest opportunities for flourishing a dream career and making money. But for pursuing a career in teaching and attaining professorship; getting B Ed degree is vital.
In India, various private and government institutions provide certified B Ed programs to candidates. Those are looking forward to teacher-ship can apply for B. Ed admission 2014 to get started their studies. B Ed takes one year to complete and you can do it through off campus mode, as well. However, there are only a few universities providing online B Ed programs in India, majority of them offering on campus classes to teach their students. Tuition fee for B Ed programs is quite low than cost for other professional courses and it can be done only in a year. So, it is fast becoming a trend amongst working teachers who want to advance in their career with full-fledged degree in education. Interested seekers can make a search on Google for knowing more about B Ed colleges in India.

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Monday, 4 August 2014

If you want to Become a Teacher, then get your B.Ed Degree after Graduation

If you want to get into the teaching field and want to teach in schools then getting B.Ed after you complete your graduation is all that you need. Actually, valid B.Ed scores with graduation services as the minimum eligibility criterion to be able to apply for jobs in Schools in India.

To get B.Ed admission in India, one should complete to these eligibility requirements

  1. Candidate should be a graduate with minimum of 50% marks
  2. The graduation degree should be completed from a recognized university
  3. One should clear the entrance exam for B.Ed

In the B.Ed admission 2014 exam, there are all India candidates taking the test so there is high competition. The paper has these listed sections

  1. General Knowledge/Awareness
  2. Teaching Aptitude
  3. Logical and analytical Reasoning
  4. Language and Comprehension skills
On the clearance of this B.Ed Admission 2014 exam, one is eligible to take admission in the B.Ed program offered by reputed colleges as per his/her rank/marks scored. B.Ed admission in India is conducted in a very fair and uniform method so that all of the candidates applying for the course get a fair share of their chance at completing bachelors in education program. Some universities offer a 1 year course while some provide a 2 year program so the duration actually differs. There’s high growth in this field and being in the education field as a teacher has its own perks. The course is largely preferred by women in India.

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Significance of B.Ed Degree in India

Many people are gifted with exceptional power of motivating others and inspiring them at each of the steps of their lives. These are the people who love to talk with others, show interest in solving their issues and appreciate sharing knowledge with them. These are the people who usually are good with others and have patience in understanding people around them. Such persons can be a good teacher. If you find some of the above stated traits within your personality, you should explore chances of being a teacher. Because you love to learn new things and can influence lives around you, teaching can be the best career option for you.
A proper training in the discipline can help you get in the employment in government or private sector educational institutions at junior level. You can use your B. Ed. degree for a number of purposes and can become preschool teacher, kindergarten educator, or can start a career in education as junior lecturer in high and middle schools. Bachelor degree in education is offered in various B. Ed. colleges in UP and in other parts of the country. You can consider a college of high repute to begin with your educational pursuit. After completing your bachelor degree in education, you can choose to become teacher at different levels from elementary school educator to high school lecturer. The other way is to keep on studying and getting master or PhD level degree courses in the same line.
People with a master or doctorate degree in education can become assistant teachers, counselors, administrators, public relation specialists, librarians and coachers. They also can take on high end responsibilities as child care worker, social worker and education directors. Though, this level can only be achieved if the primary level i.e. B. Ed. is qualified successfully. For studying teaching at bachelor level, one is needed to take B. Ed. admission in a famous college.
But if you want to finish your program early then there are available online B. Ed. courses that can be taken up at one’s own pace and time. You can set the education in such a way so that is fits into your schedule easily. This way, you will find it easy to balance your life between work, study and family. For getting B. Ed. admission 2014, try contacting your nearest study center and fill in the admission form in time. For regular courses, you can explore some good universities to be associated with one of them. B. Ed. program helps you acquire skills that students want to see in a good teacher.
In India, there are various schools which accept teachers without a B. Ed. degree; even though, some of them need only those are licensed and hold B.Ed. degree in hands. In fact, the number of such schools which only allow B. Ed. degree holders to teach with them is increasing. This is widening the scope for graduates in education. In present day and time, need for B. Ed. degree is imperative to create smart generation that can empower the nation. B. Ed. in Uttar Pradesh and rest of the country has become popular among those who find an aptness towards the field and want professional training to get honed by experts.

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B.ED Admission in Top Universities

Teachers are the main resource of a college, city or a nation. This is an article we are informing about the
particular way to be a instructor. A instructor needs some details to provide into his students but there is details and studying system can be found in between the important points and its program. Teachers coaching details notify the teachers the important points to generate show the important points and details. It is not necessary that a sensible person should be a good instructor and for that we are providing the value of instructors coaching details in your teaching details.
1)      It produces the expertise to provide in the appropriate way.
2)      It educate you the specifications of the learners and the way they easily can learn the lessons
3)      It will educate you the characteristics of student at the front side of you.
4)      It will educate you the factors of educating institution or any university.
For B.Ed entrance you need a amount stage of 50% in your appropriate course of research. It is a one season coaching course. You need a graduate student or publish graduate student level for implement in this course. There is no nationwide stage B.Ed Universities entrance analyze for entrance but it organised by the school only.
Beside the frequent course the same course provide you online studying B.Edin several start colleges and universities like IGNOU, Maharshi Dayanand University and the like.

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Advantages of Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are important for young children because they help develop an ear for our language. Both nursery rhymes for you to consider:
rhyme and rhythm help kids hear the sounds and syllables in words, which helps kids learn to read! Here are some activities and recommended poetry books to aid your child's developing poetry, rhyming, and rhythm skills.Growing up, all of us had our favourite nursery rhymes – Baa Baa Black Sheep, Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Ring a Ring o' Roses, London Bridge is Falling Down and many more! These days, thanks to technology, kids today would rather play with the latest gadgets than have fun with nursery rhymes. As a result, more and more children are unaware of nursery rhymes even when they are ready for preschool. Rhymes are crucial for your children’s overall development. Here’s a list of the top 10 advantages of

  1. Cognitive skills: Between one and four years of age, children develop their conceptualisation of colour, shape, size, and movement, just to mention a few. Nursery rhymes have been proven to enhance the development of these concepts among children, making them more receptive and active. 
  2. Verbal skills: When children attempt to recite nursery rhymes, they are trying to express themselves coherently. This helps them become confident speakers and also makes them less self-conscious.
  3. Motor skills: The facial expressions, movements, coordination, gestures and balance required to act out a nursery rhyme help children develop their motor skills.
  4. Listening skills: When you read nursery rhymes to your children, you’re essentially telling them a story. To make sense of the story, children have to pay attention to you and the rhyme, thereby making them good listeners – an invaluable trait for later years.
  5. Reading skills: Even when children aren’t old enough to read, listening to nursery rhymes can help them become good readers later, by helping them learn the alphabet and recognise words, syllables and corresponding sounds. 

  6. Language skills: Nursery rhymes expose young children to relatively more ‘complex’ words such as spool, eagle, mulberry, thumb, puddle, together, clock, nimble and hundreds more. These are words that are unlikely to feature in their regular vocabulary and so nursery rhymes help them learn new words and proper pronunciation, making them better speakers from a young age. 
  7. Social skills: When a group of children recite nursery rhymes, they bond better with each other as they realise that they have something in common with other kids. This makes them confident and outgoing.
  8. Auditory skills: The rhythm and melody inherent in all nursery rhymes sensitise children to sound. The patterned phonemic and phonetic organisation of nursery rhymes lets children catch repetitive sounds, making them think about tunes, tones, notes and the ways in which sound can be organised in language.
  9. Imaginative skills: Just like bedtime stories, nursery rhymes open up your children’s imagination as they paint mental pictures of places and things, and think about a world where anything is possible. 
  10. Memory skills: Repeated exposure to nursery rhymes usually results in children memorising the rhymes. This acts as an entertaining memory exercise and lays the groundwork for an effective memory for the rest of their lives.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Make Your Right Career move in Teaching Profession

A teacher’s responsibility towards a child is probably more than that of the parents. This is primarily because the child just doesn’t receive education from the school where he or she studies, but also learns the value systems from the same people.For taking up teaching as a career, you require a passion for exchanging ideas, whether it is teaching at a school or in a college. While as a school teacher you are to educate delicate minds, in a college environment, the exchanges are at an intellectual level with students who are your friends.
In India, the available opportunities for teachers are in a variety of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, etc. The demand for good teachers is definitely high considering that today’s children are exposed to the internet and the information overflow. Moreover, virtual classroom teaching has been introduced by some schools, which increases the overall opportunities for teachers.
By pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education after or along with your graduation, you would be able to secure a position as a teacher in a good school. Usually, jobs as teachers in government schools are considered prestigious. However, if you are interested in new methodologies of teaching, you may try for a job in private schools as well.

Tips for getting hired

When you appear for an interview for the job of a teacher, be prepared on the following counts:
1. Prepare some points on why you like teaching and what is the significance of this profession in today’s India. State the points in the form of your interest for the subject, profession, and teacher and student life in general.
2. As teaching is considered a noble profession, do not lay stress on getting more money, especially if you are applying for a government school or college.
3. Research about the institution that you are applying to, well before the interview.
4. If the school or university is a private one, you can emphasise that you have wide exposure to people management skills and you keep upgrading your skills with the help of magazines and internet. This is because private institutions desire more global exposure as compare
5. List some learning theories of interest and state them as examples during the interview.
6. You may carry information about any awards or certificates that you had won as a student or during your previous employment.
d to government institutions.

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